NDP International Trade Critic, Tracey Ramsey (Essex) made the following statement:

"Finally today, the economic impact study on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) was released with little good news to reassure Canadians that this deal will benefit them.

We have been warning the Trudeau Liberals that the Harper-negotiated TPP deal is not good for Canada. It will damage important industries while driving down wages and putting corporate interests ahead of citizens.

What we see from the economic impact study is that the automobile sector will see a decline in investment and production. This damaging news today comes in the midst of Detroit Three and Labour working hard to secure new investment and stability for Canadian workers. This means job losses for a sector that has already been penalized by bad trade deals. Despite this, the Liberals are pushing ahead and have also made no clear commitment to supply management.

The TPP is a bad deal and the Liberal government needs to provide more evidence that this deal can benefit Canadian workers before the deal is ratified."