OTTAWA – NDP Western Economic Diversification Critic Georgina Jolibois (Desnethé—Missinippi—Churchill River) speaks out on the high poverty rate and spike in food bank demands in her riding. Jolibois believes that the federal Liberals are failing to ensure the struggles of Canadians who are trying to feed their families are not overlooked this holiday season.


“As Christmas approaches, we see more and more how deeply poverty is entrenched in my riding in northern Saskatchewan,” said Jolibois. “How can any family or community move beyond the recent crisis if basic food needs are not met?”


According to a recent report by Food Banks Canada, Saskatchewan is one of the top three provinces that experienced a surge in food bank use. Shortage of food is a reality that is also becoming more apparent in small towns, and rural areas.


“My office has been receiving phone calls from constituents who can’t afford to feed their children and seek assistance to obtain basic food from food banks. With only 3 food banks to serve my vast riding, we know that many will not be able to find the help they so desperately need,” added Jolibois.


Residents in a Northern Saskatchewan community that does not have a registered food bank cannot take public transit as many communities have no bus service. They must somehow find affordable transportation to get to a food bank. For residents, a trip to the food bank can require hours of travel for only two days’ worth of a basic food hamper.


It is clear that Northern communities require immediate action to eradicate poverty and a plan to address food insecurity, water safety, available housing, health issues, education, and the development of green sustainable industries that will offer long term employment.


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