OTTAWA – In five reports released today, the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development found the Liberal government has failed to take necessary action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or deal with the impacts of climate change.

“As we have always said, this government is all talk and no action when it comes to action on climate change. Northerners are the worst hit with climate change effects,” said Georgina Jolibois, the NDP Western Economic Diversification Critic. “Northern trappers, hunters, fisherman and harvesters are well aware of climate change and are very concerned of the effects this change brings and that is why it is particularly concerning that the Liberals will fail to meet their 2020 targets.”

In the reports, the Commissioner found that we are 219 megatons away from meeting our Paris Agreement obligations. Since 1992, greenhouse gas emissions have actually increased by 15%; and Environment Canada has failed to develop mechanisms to measure, monitor and publicly report on emissions. Fourteen of nineteen audited departments and agencies, including Environment Canada and Climate Change, failed to assess climate change risks or deliver a plan of action.

“The commissioner's report confirms what we have been saying for weeks and months, that GHG reduction targets are not aligned with the targets set, and worse, they will not be achieved,” added MP Jolibois. “From the wildfires around Pelican Narrows to the ice roads failing to freeze over in Hatchet Lake First Nation and Wollaston, Northerners are aware and concerned of changes in our natural environment.”