OTTAWA – The Leader of the NDP Tom Mulcair has written to the Minister of Natural Resources to call for an investigation into allegations made through a whistleblower letter this week.

“These allegations are very alarming,” wrote Mulcair in the letter. “Withholding important information about risks to nuclear plants could put the Canadian public and our environment at risk. These allegations must not be ignored.

The allegations surround five separate cases in which the staff at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CSNC)  withheld relevant information about nuclear power plant safety. Mr. Mulcair pointed out that the firing of Linda Keen, the former CSNC president, by the previous Conservative government has led to an environment of fear in the CSNC highlighted by the whistleblower letter.

“The current government, your government, claims it has committed itself to fact based decision-making,” said Mr. Mulcair. “I hope this matter will be taken seriously and that you will immediately launch an investigation into these allegations.”