NDP Presents a Clear Vision for the Environment and the Economy

On Tuesday, the NDP tabled a motion in the House of Commons which spells out how Canada can become a global leader in the fight against climate change as the rate and intensity of severe weather increases across the country.

“Some believe that Canada is already a global climate leader. Sadly they are incorrect,” said NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh who criticized the government for failing to eliminate fossil fuel subsides and missing Canada’s emissions reductions targets under the Paris Agreement. “Instead of spending billions of public dollars on increasingly obsolete fossil fuel infrastructure, I believe we should invest in clean energy to ensure we have quality, sustainable jobs for today and the next generation.”

Singh says Justin Trudeau's decision to spend $4.5 billion on a pipeline built almost 70 years ago lacks vision for the future economy. Two days before the purchase of that pipeline was announced it sprang a leak which was initially reported as small but later confirmed to be nearly fifty times larger. The government will have to spend another $10 billion or more to build the new pipeline which will increase Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 21 million tons every year.

“We need a government that listens to First Nations, scientists and local communities who have outlined the many reasons why this pipeline is simply not worth the risk,” added NDP Environment Critic, Alexandre Boulerice. “The Liberals had a choice, and they chose wrong. The NDP will continue to fight for workers, the economy and the environment so future generations don’t have to suffer from the poor choices of the Liberal government today.”

At the announcement, the NDP was joined by representatives from environmental groups Stand.earth and Équiterre.