NDP Agriculture and Agri-Food critic Ruth Ellen Brosseau made the following statement:


“The new agreement between farmers and processors is excellent news for the dairy industry. However, it should not be forgotten that the efficiency of our supply management system is based on three pillars and that one of them – import control – is in the hands of government. Regardless of the content of the agreement, if the government continues to not do its job properly in the case of diafiltered milk and the Duty Deferral Program, the industry will still have to pay for the Liberal’s mismanagement.            

The problem of diafiltered milk cost Canadian producers over $220 million in 2015. The Liberals promised during the election campaign to solve the problem but they have yet to take action. The same is true for the Duty Deferral Program. The government continues to justify its inaction by saying it is holding consultations – at the same time our producers are losing millions of dollars.   

The industry continues to suffer the consequences of the government’s international trade decisions. The trade agreement with the EU and the Trans-Pacific Partnership – soon to be ratified by the Liberals – will result in significant market losses for our producers. The government still hasn’t announced a compensation plan. The Liberals must compensate the industry for the losses resulting from their decisions and invest in the modernization of our industry. I sincerely hope that they honour their commitments.”


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