OTTAWA – The NDP has introduced a motion in the House of Commons that gives the Liberal government one year to begin negotiations with the provinces in order to implement universal pharmaceutical drug coverage for all Canadians. 
“Northerners should not have to choose between medicine for their family and putting food on the table,” said Georgina Jolibois, NDP Western Economic Diversification Critic. ““I have heard too many stories from seniors and young families who are struggling to get the medical care they need.A universal pharmacare program would help them and save taxpayers money as a recent study has shown.”
Last month the Parliamentary Budget Officer released a report that examined the costs of a national pharmacare program and found that even with high levels of coverage, a public drug plan would save Canadians more than $4 billion a year.


“We have a solution in front of us and it would be irresponsible to not move in the direction of universal coverage that will lower the costs of drugs for Northerners” added Jolibois.
The NDP motion will be debated on Thursday with a vote expected when the House returns on the week of October 16th.