NDP MP Georgina Jolibois to Fight for Northern Issues in Final Weeks of Parliament

Ottawa, ON – NDP Member of Parliament Georgina Jolibois (Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River) returns to Ottawa this week to continue fighting for Northern Saskatchewan. 

“Ever since I was young I’ve wanted to make life better for people across the North,” said Jolibois. “Over the next few weeks I’ll be continuing that work by fighting to make sure Northerners can live with dignity in affordable housing, with good-paying jobs, and accessible quality medical care for everyone.” 

In 2018, MP Jolibois won the MacLean's Parliamentarian of the Year Award for Best Represents her Constituents

Among the many issues that MP Jolibois will be discussing is how climate change affects Northern Saskatchewan. “There’s an increased threat of forest fires in our communities, and all levels of government must work together to tackle climate change,” said Jolibois. “The Conservatives don’t believe in climate change, and the Liberals plan doesn’t work for farmers or rural and remote communities.”

“Northerners have first hand knowledge and know the importance of protecting the environment. Changes to our environment causes disruptions to how we use our land and affects the price and quality of our food production and groceries. We must also remember that climate change impacts hunters, traditional harvesters' and gatherers as they may need to travel further away to access traditional sustenance and medicines. Sadly, the numbers of species are decreasing, and in certain cases climate change affects the conditions of our critically underfunded infrastructure such as our roads and highways.”

Among other issues this week, MP Jolibois will be at the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Committee as it studies a bill regarding the welfare of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit children. 

“Too many Northern kids end up in foster care and in the welfare system, and we need legislation that helps them,” said Jolibois. “Patchwork solutions that are rushed through by the Liberals aren’t good enough. I’d like to see a bill that will truly benefit children who need help.”